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BOKI is a baby sleeping range made from 100% Organic Cotton. Our zipsuits are a daily essential for every mom and baby, whether you add them into your hospital bag or keep them at your diaper changing station, our long sleeve zipsuits with footies and fold-over mittens are designed to keep your little one comfortable and cosy while making nappy changes a breeze.


• It’s hypo-allergenic, soft and gentle on babies with sensitive skin.

• Highly absorbent + breathable keeping your little one cool during warmer nights and warm when evening temperatures drop.

• Durable and endure plenty of washing cycles making them the perfect hand me down or keepsake for your next babe.


Happy Mamas

"I am absolutely in love with the boki ribbed cotton jumpsuit. The quality is amazing, the material is beautifully soft in stunning colours and the zipper is so convenient for nappy changes. The sizing is also great as I have a big baby and the jumpsuit has fitted him for a long time unlike other brands he has grown out of. Thank you BOKI for beautiful products."

- Jess Nischk

Happy Mamas

"Since the launch of BOKI, I’m struggling to even put anything else on Harrison. It’s hands down my go-to. This range is superb. Extremely soft and gentle on the skin, convenient and the perfect, comfortable fit. Another brilliant quality is that the colours don’t run or fade after being washed. Thank you for such an amazing brand, where has BOKI been all my life."

- Sue King

Happy Mamas

"BOKI surpassed all my expectations. I initially bought 1 suit and was blown away by the quality (softness) and ease of use. I then ordered 3 more suits because they are absolutely all you need on a daily basis for bub to be warm, comfy and cute at the same time. I love the matching beanies because babe looks so well dressed even if you're whipping outfit on for a quick play date or coffee with friends. I also initially chose the muted colours, but now I love the bright fun colours because they look so cute in photies. Just have so many good things to say about Boki!"

- Holly Rose Durant


Don’t have time to find a babyshower gift for a special Mama-to-be? Or want to buy something you know they will thank you EVERY TIME they see you? We’ve got your back!
You simply can’t go wrong with our Organic Cotton 2-way Zipsuits! A newborn essential and MUST HAVE!

Send a Baby Shower Gift directly to a Special Mama to be and leave your note in the note section at checkout.


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